Luggage Lifestyle: dissected in under 500 words

 Image by  Richard Coombs.

When I was brainstorming ideas for the name of Luggage Lifestyle, I got a scrapbook out of the cupboard, collected my favourite colourful pens from my desk and got to work listing all the words I associate with travel.

For me, travel has never been about ticking destinations off a list instead it is about being open to the possibilities and the opportunities that exploring a new country can bring.

I feel most fulfilled when I’m on the road, when I’m planning travel and when I’m getting organised for my next adventure.

Luggage Lifestyle embodies everything I have been working on in the lead up to moving abroad in 2017 — embracing my enjoyment of creativity, fearlessly putting my work out into the world, sharing my love of travel and getting rid of the superfluous stuff I have collected over the years.

As I have become more clear on my vision for Luggage Lifestyle and organising for the big changes that come with moving abroad, my mind has become clearer too.

I don’t feel the need to keep stuff just in case or hoard things for security or out of obligation, and neither should you. As Joshua Fields Milburn wrote in his book Everything that Remains, minimalism is, “addition by subtraction.” For me it’s about subtracting distractions and the stuff I no longer need, to achieve clarity.

Luggage Lifestyle is about having a curated collection of things that bring immense value to your everyday. They are the items you truly need to live the lifestyle you want to live. In the first instalment of the series about packing my life into a suitcase, I wrote about getting rid of the formal work clothes I no longer needed or wanted.

I no longer envisioned myself in the sort of environment that requires highly formal work clothes so I got rid of them. I’ve let go of the things I thought I was supposed to want or should have to look impressive because that doesn’t help anyone, especially me.

Embracing the luggage lifestyle is also about leveraging the opportunities that today’s technologically connected world offers. We can work from anywhere, doing anything if we are willing to commit the time and energy needed to work towards a digital nomad lifestyle.

While I’m not 100 percent of the way there in achieving a luggage lifestyle, I’m sharing how I’m working hard along the way to inspire you to do the same.

Life’s too short to live a normal life, identify how you want your life to look and work hard for it to become a reality. The time will pass anyway.