100 thoughts I've had about moving abroad

 Image by  Richard Coombs.

As I write this, I have three days left until I finish up at work and have a few weeks to organise everything, pack my things and move abroad. I have had a million thoughts and questions running through my head leading up to this move so I thought I’d share a few, 100 to be exact. Let me know in the comments below if any of these thoughts have crossed your mind in the lead up to a big move.

1.     Oh man, I wish mum and dad would let me take the family dog, Sam.

2.     How would Sam cope with flying and quarantine anyway given he circles his dinner six times before eating each night? He’s so weird.

3.     Actually I might just get a dog in Canada.

4.     Do not get a dog in Canada, Nicola, it will make travel too hard.

5.     I’m going to volunteer at a dog rescue centre for my puppy fix.

6.     I have to stop thinking about puppies and dogs all the time.

7.     I hope there’s a HIIT gym near where I live in Canada.

8.     I hope I don’t like chocolate in Canada, that would keep me so much healthier.

9.     What am I going to do with all my stuff?

10.  Might get any extra items shipped from Australia to Canada.

11.  Don’t get extra items shipped over. I’m going to go through all my stuff and get rid of anything I don’t need.

12.  I hope Mum doesn’t mind looking after a sculpture and sound dock for a couple of years.

13.  Why did I buy a smaller suitcase than originally intended?

14.  I desperately need a new carry-on bag, something prettier and with a garment compartment — they look convenient.

15.  I’m not taking any garments that require a garment compartment.

16.  Best stick with my trusty Country Road bag, it has served me well.

17.  This shirt is dry clean only. Don’t take it, you never wear it.

18.  The visa invite rounds go up to March 2017. What if we don’t get visas in time? What if we don’t get visas at all?

19.  Should have triple checked the visa paperwork. Forgot to upload my traffic history.

20.  Glad I’m a safe driver, will probably get a gold star on my traffic history even if I forgot to submit it the first time.

21.  Yes! I love a pre-Christmas visa approval, it’s like Santa came early.

22.  Must make sure I have all my important documents with me when I arrive, get rid of the rest.

23.  I’m going to have a scanning party for my documents.

24.  How do I pack for travel in Thailand and Europe plus everything I need to move abroad?

25.  Okay this itinerary has got way out of hand, time to review and refine.

26.  I really need to make a massive to-do list of things to complete before I go, too many things keep popping up in my head.

27.  I’m going to research capsule wardrobes and smart packing ideas.

28.  I could definitely get behind this capsule wardrobe idea, it will help me identify my style and pack less when I move.

29.  I’m going to start now with a 10X10 challenge — 10 pieces of clothing for 10 days.

30.  Time to start selling all my stuff so I’m not in a mad rush getting rid of stuff right before I leave.

31.  Focus! My travel list is growing faster than my piles of stuff to throw out, donate and maybe keep.

32.  Can’t wait to go to New York again.

33.  Must see the Hamptons this time.

34.  Must see Nantucket this time.

35.  Wouldn’t mind visiting the British Virgin Islands also.

36.  So many seaside destinations on my list, I don’t care.

37.  Must stop looking at Jet Blue sales. Wait till you’ve actually settled in Canada, Nicola.

38.  What?! Return flights to Lima for $500 is crazy. It would be stupid not to go.

39.  Wish Gossip Girl would do a revival.

40.  Why does everyone keep asking me if I realise how cold Canada is?

41.  I can’t wait to wear proper winter clothes.

42.  I need to buy proper winter clothes.

43.  I wonder how long snow and whiteouts will be a novelty before I start dreaming of moving to Bali.

44.  Need to have a life admin day as soon as we arrive to sort out bank accounts, phone contracts and driver’s licenses.

45.  I don’t enjoy driving in Australia.

46.  I don’t think I’ll drive in Canada.

47.  How do entire new condo buildings get leased within weeks?

48.  Must check real estate websites daily in the weeks before arriving.

49.  What if I don’t like living right in the city?

50.  What if I don’t like Canada at all?

51.  What if things in Canada don’t work out?

52.  What is the difference between a condo and an apartment?

53.  Condo, I pick a condo. The laundry is in the property while in an apartment the laundry is in the building basement.

54.  I would love to live in a new condo, going to research all the buildings currently under construction.

55.  On the waitlist for a condo before construction has started, that’s not pointless.

56.  Searching for real estate is going to be interesting.

57.  I’m loving the look of indoor plants in all these real estate photos.

58.  Get an indoor plant in Canada.

59.  What are the rules of baseball?

60.  What are the rules of ice hockey?

61.  I hope I don’t get too homesick.

62.  I can’t wait to figure out a new running route in my new city.

63.  I hope I make new friends in Canada.

64.  I think I’ve got rid of enough stuff so everything fits between my suitcase and carry-on bag.

65.  Going to do a practice pack just to make sure everything fits.

66.  Need to figure out the best company for internet, electricity, gas and other responsible adult things for a new home.

67.  Where are we going to stay when we arrive?

68.  I want to secure a condo before we go, take the stress off.

69.  Scrap that, Air BnB it is. Need to experience the city and figure out favourite areas first.

70.  Christmas without the family is going to be hard this year.

71.  Must teach my parents to use Skype and FaceTime before departure.

72.  I can’t wait to experience a new city and new country.

73.  I need to call and cancel my phone service, internet service, electricity and gas. Being an adult sucks.

74.  Should I have a check-up at the doctors before I go?

75.  I wonder what bands are touring Canada while I’m there.

76.  I hope Fleetwood Mac tour again soon, missed the Rumours tour.

77.  I wonder if 2017 will be a white Christmas? Hope so.

78.  Need to check out Unionville, Ontario where the Gilmore Girls Pilot was filmed.

79.  Cannot wait to figure out go-to places for coffee.

80.  It would be cool to have a go-to café where the barista says, “just the regular?” Ultimate caffeine appreciation.

81.  I need to drink more water when flying.

82.  It’s time to clean out the book shelf.

83.  How did I collect so many books?

84.  Thinking of the six books I want to read in the few weeks before I depart as a fun challenge.

85.  The resignation conversation is always unnerving to start. Make sure they see the envelope in your hand first, Nicola.

86.  I’m so glad Facebook Marketplace has a lot of buyers looking for lightly worn shoes and clothes.

87.  Better polish and update my resume before departure day.

88.  Can’t wait for a holiday on the way to Canada.

89.  Must organise transport to accommodation in each destination.

90.  Start following some Canadian social media accounts mainly to see how people dress for the height of winter.

91.  Need to buy ear muffs and snow boots.

92.  The job search will be easier on the ground.

93.  The condo search will be easier on the ground.

94.  Is it too early to start packing for real?

95.  Need to sort out music, movies and books to keep me occupied on the road.

96.  Need to find out what Parkruns are in Canada.

97.  Shouldn’t have thrown out my Parkrun participant barcodes yesterday.

98.  Departure day is going to be incredibly hard.

99.  Can’t believe this adventure has crept up so quickly.

100. This is going to be one hell of an adventure.

If you’ve made it to the end of this list, thanks for sticking with me! I’ll keep you updated with my thoughts on the road and once I arrive of course.